Martha attends many events throughout Indiana. Events are posted on Facebook and the website periodically.  You can contact Martha for any questions you may have or to have a custom item created. She can take Dad or Grandpa's old shirt and create a unique outfit for your little ones. Hanging onto an old college shirt or other items with great memories but you'll never wear again? Message Martha and she'll create a new look.


Martha's lifelong passion for sewing and love of vintage fabrics have launched into a line of clothing and accessories. While she focuses on creating children's clothing from gently recycled shirts and fabrics, you'll also find pillows, aprons, and bibs. Always trying new things and never repeating the same outfit twice results in unique looks for your little ones. 

Some of Martha's signature designs created out of recycled men's button down shirts are:
*Girls dresses from men's shirt body combined with vintage fabric bodices
* Pants for baby/toddler boys (sleeves of men's shirt used above)
* Aprons for adults and children
* Smocks for your little artist
* Onsie's adorned with upcycled fabrics
* Pillows with patches and designs from shirt sleeves